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 Province's Story

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PostSubject: Province's Story   Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:32 am

There was once a beautiful land of haven, filled with joy and love, everyone was in such a safe enviroment.. Skies of heavens and little islands... No one harmed anyone, and there were no rules, until.. The Black Soulstone of Recker's heart had fallen off of the pedistal, breaking into a thousand shards, did then, the 8 lords of hell come into one terror, named Recker. There was a lord for Sin, Terror, Murder, Lies, Torture, Suicide, Death and Hell, and Recker had all of that power, and with that power, he crushed Province, and to this day, Province's Heavens try to destroy Recker, and you're the only hope while Recker walks across the hall of Heavenly Chambers with his enormous feral-self, laughing at you puny mortals while he has Satan in a cage as his servant and his queen as Recker's wife.

" />

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Province's Story
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