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 Province's Rules

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PostSubject: Province's Rules   Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:16 pm

These are the common sense rules that you must follow in order to be accepted in Province chat and this forum. These rules were created by Province's Administration System, also known as P.A.S, written by Akaria.

Rules for All

-No harassing Members, Admins, and Guests
-You must be 14+ to be able to be on this chatsite and in the forum. We are not all ages
-Swearing is allowed inside chat and in the forum, but not to harsh
-Cyber bullying and art theft will not be punished lightly
-Post topics related to the category
-When admin applications are open, you must be 16+ to apply
-No discussing upsetting and uncomfortable topics such as suicidal thoughts, depression, death, etc.
-No discussing drugs, alcohol, sex, rape, sexual content, nor foul language toward another
-No spamming with caps, random letters and numbers, nor links. This causes lag, and you will be kicked
-Provide proof with logs, be honest because we check the log checker
-If you're on the Art Review Team (ART), accepting your poses is allowed as long as it doesn't have loose pixels and you used the size chart, or you will be taken off of the team for this is very time consuming to baby sit others


And of course, Wunderwood's Chatland rules. All admins must follow COPPA.

Admins' Rules

-Never discuss personal information nor ask for personal information from others' unless discussing chat-wise
-Never discuss a ban to anyone besides the team
- Don't hide anything from the team nor Akaria
-Follow COPPA
-Obey the rules above and these
-Have common sense
-Be prepared to be overwhelmed
-Respect a rank higher than you
-Be polite
-Use correct grammar
-Don't overuse your power
-Provide proof
-Don't overuse subscriptions
-No one gets any exceptions

Please note I can demote you for any rule breaking


Three Strike Policy

Province goes by a three strike policy, such as Wolfhome. You get:

-1 Warning

-2nd Warning

-Temporary Suspension

-A Ban if necessary


About Age

-You must be 14+ to enter Province
-Different rooms will have older ages
-You must be 16+ to be an administrator for Province
-You must be mature to enter Province
-Province allows swearing, please do not allow your children onto our site. If they learn graphic language, and have your consent, we take no responsibility for our rules are clear and you must be 14+ be here


Best regards
Province's Administration System
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Province's Rules
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